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15 December 2008

Jordan works out what skills journalists need

Jordan Campbell is on our LIVE Learning DIY Magazine programme every Monday. He spent today looking at what journalism is. Here's his handy definition – and the top five skills good journalists need, with a few comedy moments inserted, just to keep the reader interested. Over to you Jordan.

What is journalism?
Journalism is the occupation of reporting, writing, editing, photographing, or broadcasting news. Journalism mainly states facts about what is happening now, journalism can be about annything, just as long as it's todays news.

What skills do journalists need?

• Writing skills: the work you do might be read by loads of people, theres no point writing about something that nobody would like to read.

• Organisation: when you are writing a piece you need to gather as much information as possible and you need to meet deadlines, if you were not an organised person you might lose your work and this could result in no food for the next week.

• Opinions: journalists need to have a good attitiude and need to be able to work out what they think about things and they do that by thinking it through.

• Communication skills: being a journalist you do need to interview atleast 2000 people in your career and by doing this you accumulate the skills to get more out of people

• Stealth: getting the inside story means you need to get into places without being seen. You've got to be able to blend in anywhere.

1 December 2008

Obama on Facebook?

LIVE's Jordan Campbell spent today with two work experience contributors who came all the way from Omagh, Ireland to work at the magazine. Today was all about comment features - how you work out what you think about something then express it clearly. Here's what they came up with...

Who is the most famous person I know? Mr. Barack Obama, of course. If you were to ask me how, then obviously I would lie and say that him and me have been cool for the last unforgettable amount of years but the truth is I just added him on Facebook and hoped he would reply. I’m not sure why but its weird in one sense that he has one because its considered normal for a teenager to have one but not for a president, that's like me seeing the queen “bopping” down Brixton wearing the latest Nike air maxes, you just wouldn't imagine it. I wanted to find another Facebook that was owned by someone that had an important title. I found Gordon Brown and that was really shocking, not only does he has one of the most boring jobs in the world, he probably is the most boring man in the world, and you can tell this just by looking at his facebook. Mr. Obama’s Facebook takes the reader through a selection of his most loved tunes (Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder,) and best films (Godfather I & II, Lawrence of Arabia) but Gordon Brown’s just repeats the words “labour party” in every sentence. There is one more difference between the two and that is, in Gordon’s there is a warning that states that if anyone cusses him, it will be deleted instantly. In Obama’s, there’s no such warnings at all. Who do you think is the cooler? I think Gordon needs to re-read the script and get with the program. Jordan Campbell, 15

Rock equals jet black hair and a studded leather jacket, R 'n' B equals hoodie and some bling, and if your wearing skinny jeans we all know your an indie kid first in line for some Arctic Monkeys tickets...But why? Why do we link music with the clothes we wear? Perhaps it's because as teens we feel we need to have an image of someone in our heads. Or are we just obsessed with stereotyping? Yes it is normal for someone to have a particular style and this will of course be influenced by the music you listen to, the people you hang out with and the celebrities you inspire to be like. However lets face it, in the world we live in most people would never consider hitting the local DJ hotspot for a dance music session dressed in an outfit that's all black studded from head to toe like a regular goth! We as a society we are constantly obsessing about how we 'expect' people to look just because of the type of music they listen to. Lets take for instance you walk into a R 'n' B club, you almost certainly know what people will be dressed like. There is not likely to be anyone who has the courage to break the mould and really stand out. I think this takes an immense amount of confidence, which is something that not a lot of teens really have. Personally I think that this is limiting people's creative side, as they feel that they must look a certain way to be into a certain genera of music. We should be able to step outside the normality and dress whatever way we want to and listen to what ever music we want to. Well now that you know how I feel on stereotyping I'm just off to do a little spot of rapping in my indie skinny jeans will a studded leather jacket on...Breaking the mould much!! Emma Smyth, 16

In today's society I think it is extremely important to make the most of your school days, settle down and work to your full potential to gain pretty decent grades. There is no argument that you need qualifications to pursue a good career. It's important to work hard in your compulsory subjects like Maths, English and Science, however recently they have developed a new subject called 'learning for life and work'. This three subjects in one has now became compulsory, piling tonnes more coursework on us along with three extra exams to sit. 'LLW' will appeal to many students, just like art and media studies appeal to me but there is certainly no need to make it sit alongside Maths and you no the rest. To achieve good grades to the best of your ability you need short snappy down to the point subjects. At least with Maths you will get somewhere in life. I know from my experiences, at the end of the day I feel tired, strained with no concentration left at all. I think nearly everyone's the same. School should inspire us in ways to see a brighter future, give us confidence and make us believe in ourselves, explore our creative senses. Why would I want to know how to behave in an office? School tends to just throw work and deadlines at us with no thought for anything else. Justice anyone? Schools have the power to create a happier environment, lets start now and get to grip with some real subjects.

13 November 2008

LIVE Learning

LIVE Learning had a visit today from the Open College Network (OCN) to moderate the portfolios of work our learners have been putting together. Contributors who've attended our basic journalism course can get themselves units of accreditation at Level 2 in a whole host of journalism-related skills, including news writing, comment features, writing reviews and creating profiles of interesting individuals. Another eleven learners had their work signed off, as did the last six people who went through Music4Good's intensive Music, Business and Life course. Congratulations to everyone involved.

21 October 2008

Minister comes to LIVE!

LIVE Editor Sian Anderson, 17, tells all about when Kevin Brennan, Minister For The Third Sector, came down to LIVE.

Kevin Brennan you hear me say! A year ago, aged 16, this name would have had as much meaning to me as a a piece of paper without a pen - none! Third Sector, Brennan means to me a inspiration to all around him.

''I've heard it said that young people are not interested in politics - they are. They have opinions.''

I used to be a strong believer in the fact that youths hate politics and anything remotely to do with MPs/PMs until I heard the above. Brennan made me realize that although I had no direct interest in politics, I still have opinions on decisions that the government make that affect me. On that note it becomes apparent that all youths need to be exposed to the true definition of politics and be taught that they're opinion does matter.

Being the Minister of the Third Sector means that Brennan deals with all social enterprises and non profitable organizations such as LIVE to give youths better opportunities.

I previously had a stereotype of MPs being adults in suits who make important decisions that effect the public in both good and bad ways. I didn't think they had lives outside of parliament as its hard to imagine MPs having time to do anything else. Meeting Brennan - a Scottish family man, has taught me otherwise. MPs have personalities and actually have a sense of humor. Brennen plays guitar and sings alongside three fellow MPs for a (very good) band called MP4 -No seriously! Not MP3 but MP4... Get it? He's also a fan of any sport that contains a ball and would pick Britney Spears over Paris Hilton because Britney actually has talent!

Realising that like Brennan, many politicians are people who still have lives and want to make a genuine difference was a great eye opener for me and a wave of shame sweeps over me when I remember the way I cringed earlier the morning of October 14th as I prepared to meet a member of parliament. Youths need people like Brennan to open there minds to the real world of politics and realize that they do matter more than they think.

Its all fair and well that Brennan came to LIVE so we could find out about him butat the same time, this MP, took the time out of his busy schedule to find out a bit about each and every single one of us. Now if thats not a caring politician then I'm
not sure what is!

LIVE meets IPC

Today, contributors from LIVE magazine went to Waterloo to the IPC Media blue fin building to take part in a conference to raise interest about youth mentoring in the media. During the meeting we talked about the benefits of mentoring and how to apply and also a bit about what will happen and how long you can mentor for. We also watched a short film about LIVE to make the employers of IPC more clued-up about the magazine and what we do. We did all this to raise awareness about the importance of mentoring and how it could help both mentors and young people. After the film me and the other contributors for LIVE were given a tour of the Nuts office, which I thought was quite interesting. We also got free Nuts t-shirts and a magazine. I will be wearing mine later!

Danielle Tan, 17

13 October 2008

Minister Kevin Brennan to visit LIVE

The newly-appointed minister for the Third Sector and MP for Cardiff West, Kevin Brennan will be coming to LIVE HQ tomorrow morning. He’ll be visiting with a handful of Cabinet Office staff and members of the press who’ll be covering the visit, so he can find out about LIVE’s unique youth engagement and Livity’s ground-breaking socially responsible youth marketing. He’s going to be meeting LIVE contributors including our editor Sian Anderson, 18 and designer Jelani Da Costa-Best as well as current La Retrait work experience girls Yewandre, 15 and Cherona, 15 and a roll-call of LIVE contributors past and present. We’ll update you on this special visit tomorrow!

Marcel Mbeka

1 October 2008


Diesel, the iconic Italian denim brand and fashion house, is celebrating 30 years of creativity next month and to mark the occasion has chosen to launch a long-term partnership with our not-for-profit youth engagement social enterprise LIVE Futures and our new charity arm, The Livity Trust.

The partnership will build on LIVE's on-going youth-training relationship with Diesel's pioneering Diesel:U:Music Radio project to support young talent in its rawest form through all aspects of LIVE Futures' and The Livity Trust's innovative work improving the lives of young people in London and beyond.

Diesel are donating 100% of proceeds from the London leg of its xXx Birthday Party at new super-club matter on October 11 and an amazing modern music memorabilia eBay auction throughout October. Diesel have also commissioned LIVE's trainee writers, illustrators and designers to produce a special one-off xXx Ray Eyes fanzine commemorating all aspects of their birthday celebrations.

The proceeds from the auction and party will help us to continue our work with young people, giving them opportunities to improve their lives. This means funding for LIVE Magazine, our quarterly publication produced entirely by young people who receive training, mentoring, accreditation and job coaching. Some of the proceeds will also go to The Livity Trust, a new charitable trust fund set up to pay for apprenticeships and make small grants for disadvantaged and 'at risk' young people to advance their education or career.

Diesel and LIVE have asked famous names from the international music scene to donate a personal, 'pre-loved item that tells a story' to raise funds for the education and inspiration of disadvantaged young people in London. Auction items, including The Ting Tings' drumsticks, Estelle's sunglasses, Kasabian's tambourines and original drawings for a Goldfrapp video, will be exhibited at Diesel's flagship store in Covent Garden through September and October and simultaneously auctioned at
Also in the auction will be the first ever Fiat 500 by Diesel a stylish new car design that will be causing a storm when they hit the road in Spring 2009.

The London leg of Diesel's 17 city global party, The Creative Experiment, will welcome 3,000 guests to one of the capital's most
exciting new venues matter, heralded as the most technologically advanced clubs in the UK. Among the 30 confirmed performers are Mark Ronson, Mystery Jets, The View and Patrick Wolf.

During the lead up to the big event, the hugely successful Diesel:U:Music Radio station has been welcomed back until October 12th at and will feature original programming from journalists, bloggers and broadcasters, including I-D, Popjustice, Kerrang, The Guardian and the young journalists from LIVE Magazine. A brand new fanzine supporting the London event has also been produced by a dedicated group of young trainee journalists and designers from LIVE who have been mentored by established magazine professionals.

Andy Griffiths, Head Of Communication at Diesel UK, commented: "Diesel is 100% committed to supporting a new generation of talent and LIVE Futures is a superb example of how a project engages with young people through fashion, art, music and media. The Brixton team is incredibly effective at raising the sights of the young people they work with, engaging them in positive activities and then moving them into employment, education or apprenticeships. For these reasons we want to support their work."

Gavin Weale, Director of LIVE Futures, added: "We're thrilled to have been selected by such a prestigious brand. The LIVE Futures team and all of our young people look forward to reaping the benefits and rewards of Diesel's generosity!'.

For more information contact

15 September 2008

To Do... O'clock

I knew everyone was busy here but it's easy to forget quite how busy. Here's a little lowdown on just three projects that have been happening in LivityLand. Get clicking!

• Shunburn Campaign
How to reduce incidents of skin cancer amongst 14-25 year olds across the UK? Use a campaign featuring Leona Lewis and exclusive prizes to drive sign-up traffic for 'burn alert' text messages, sent out on the hottest days of the summer.

• Spinebreakers
We worked with Penguin and Puffin books to create and maintain a youth-controlled world of stories, book reviews and all-round creativity. We had over a thousand entries to the recent Paper Cuts competitions - site's on a roll.

• Stormstyle
We might not have been involved with the site build or design, but our writers and designers created bespoke content for the launch of this website from the world's leading model agency.

12 September 2008

V for Vicky

This time it's over to Victoria Agbontaen who's our third Year 11 workie.

Today at LIVE was OK. I had to finish transcribing a 30 minute interview which has taken me about TWO days to transcribe. This showed me that journalism isn't all about meeting and writing people and that there is a hard side to it. It showed me that if I'm really serious about becoming a journalist it's going to take a lot of hard work and effort. Journalism is all about getting out what you put in and even though I'm shook at the thought of it I think I'm ready for the challenge! And finishing that interview!

After I finished transcribing I had to go deliver some of the old issues of LIVE magazine to Effra Road, Brixton, and give them to a women called Sandra that works at a Radio Station called Play Vybz! It was kind of nerve-racking because I couldn't find her office and no one seemed to know where it was either but with my smart-wit and intelligence I worked it out and delivered them safely. Success.

To sum everything up, time really does fly when your having fun. It's my final day of work experience at LIVE magazine today, now I have to go back to school. JUST GREAT. I must admit today wasn't my best day here because all I've done is transcribe but on the other hand its been a really fun jam packed week and I'm sad to see it come to an end, but I will definitely be coming back here again. In six months time I hope to be music editor of LIVE so I'll be the first to here all the exclusive music and interview all me favorite artists. You know how I do. Overall, I hope that LIVE will be my guide to making it big in the world of journalism. This is the first proper piece I've ever written for a magazine but trust me. It won't be the last.

Yinka Gets Smoked Out

Workie Natalie has been blogging all week about her time at LIVE. Fellow workie Yinka took the blogging reins yesterday. Here's her report on creating the photoshoot for the Autumn issue of the magazine. Over to you, Yinks....

Oh my gosh! What a day. Well to be more honest it was more like what an afternoon. I was being featured in October's issue of the photo story for LIVE magazine which is about why you shouldn't smoke. People may think its easy - taking a few pictures, but I am telling you it is damn right hard. First we had to find a shop where we could actually take the photographs, but they diidn't even have a dressing room. So then we went to another store, opposite Brixton market but they wanted to see a bit of proof that we were actually from a magazine. So I had to run all the way back to LIVE grab a few magazines and come back. And could you believe we still couldn't do the photographs there? But then we saw another store called JOY and they said it was cool for us to take some photographs. So we had to wait for Natalie choose the clothes that were gonna be featured in the photo shoot. I'm telling you it took like a hour and a half till we could actually find something for her to wear. I'm am telling you it is time's like these why men always say galdem take long to get dressed. So then we decided to take the rest of the pictures next to JOY at the P3 bus stop. It was so funny because the person playing James kept on talking a load of rubbish to himself when we were taking the photograph. So in the end we took our last photograph next to a chemist on the high street. Overall for me our afternoon was really fun and to finish it off we all took a LIVE crew picture where everyone sat on the bed.

11 September 2008

Day Three of Natalie's Work Experience Blog!

WOW! The third day already, time goes quick when your having fun. Today at LIVE was alright. It was all about the tough side to journalism. I had to transcribe a interview that Emma Warren, my Supervisor (Ed: supervisor?!!!). She was interviewing Jason from Transition who cuts dubs for DJs and producers. That was quite hard because listening to a recording that is fairly quiet and typing it up is a job and a half. This has given me an insight to what journalism is all about because it's not as easy as I thought. After transcribing, I went to help one of the assistants working for Livity which was Hayley Joyes. We were working on the blog entries for a project for BBC3, where young writers from all around the country talk about their lives. That was more like an English lesson but laid back! Soon after, I had to write up the script for the photoshoot going in the next issue of LIVE in October (ain't gonna lie it was fun). It was about smoking but you know we greaz'd it up and made it ghetto, by putting in slang and morals that young people could relate to, I loved that because i am a very imaginative person and making up a story is just my thing. Summing everything up, boi! today was a journey and i learnt from it, but tomorrow might be even more of one...

10 September 2008

Day Two...

Today is my second day at LIVE. I was so excited about what I was going to do today after such an amazing day yesterday. As soon as i got in I saw Chantelle Fiddy (who writes for The London Paper) and she called me over to listen to some new tunes! They were SICK! One of them was Tinie Tempah- Tears (BOY! i love Tinie Tempah) so you know i enjoyed that. I also got the opportunity to listen to a latest song by Papoose ft Busy Signal. That was tough! Later on I had to type up some features from the past issues of LIVE, at the same time listening to some of my music. That wasn't much fun but it was nice chilling out time.
Eventually I had to review some mixtapes from different artists and comment on them, that was really good because some people I haven't even heard of like Tawiah and Goldielocks and they were DAMN GOOD! Overall, the day was on point and perfect there was no difficult times. So you know let's WAIT and SEE what's in store for me tomorrow!

8 September 2008

Workie tells all

It's work experience week for many schools in Lambeth and we've got a handful of Year 11's from borough schools in at LIVE this week. Natalie Akingbaje's going to be blogging all week about the experience. Here's what she had to say about day one. Just don't ask her about what it's like to make 25 cups of tea...

I started work at LIVE today and I was expecting to learn a lot from it. I knew it was all about youths and what is going on among us these days, that is the main reason why I wanted to get involved and do my work experience here. Today at LIVE I was videoed by an organisation called Media Trust who produce award winning film for charities. They were interviewing five of us on behalf of the DCFS (that’s the Department for Children, Families and Schools to you) who do their best to ensure that England is the best place in the world for children and young people. They asked me things like “What did you do this holiday?” and “What would you like the government’s money to go towards?” I told them that I would like more chilling out spots for youths, like youth clubs and forums to keep us off the street and also to keep us entertained throughout the holidays. That was quite exciting because not only was I getting videoed knowing that it will be played to the government but I also got to put across my thoughts. Also I did a bit of typing – I wrote up a piece about talented young people – and I also read the latest issue of LIVE. That gave me a greater insight into the magazine. Working here is exciting and a wonderful experience because it’s unpredictable. You never know what is coming next. Tomorrow’s a new day, and a new blog post, so watch out for what comes next.

10 June 2008

LIVE workshops

We've just finished another series of our regular journalism workshops - so that's another sixteen young writers prepped and ready to roll fully skilled up in news writing, interview skills and a whole host of journalistic basics. We run our workshops on a regular basis, so if you or anyone you know wants to come along then just contact Emma on We're also getting ready to start eight weekly accredited sessions in Digital Marketing, so again, if you're interested, just holla.

9 June 2008

Bertan goes to The Guardian

Young writers Bertan Budak, 20 and Richard Lemmer, 19, repped LIVE at a Guardian volunteering day last week. We met badboy Guardian writer Simon Hattenstone (who's kindly agreed to come and do a Talk Tuesday for us in the near future) and the Governor of Pentonville Prison. We also shared conversation and sandwiches with some interesting folk who work in partnership with The Guardian and their volunteering programme, which allows Guardian staff two days volunteering each year and means that LIVE's benefited from workshops and mentoring from writers at the paper. Over to you Bertan...

I hate giving speeches. Even when I’m on the receiving end, I still get a bit sweaty wondering if the guy in front of me will cock-up and stutter his way to the end. So when I was told only five minutes before, I’d be giving a speech in front of some of my journo idols and the MD of the Guardian… I froze! Luckily, my experiences at Live have taught me to face my demons, and if I do end up making a fool of myself, the door was only a spitting distance away. As I began to speak, the words flew naturally out of my mouth. I’ve encountered both warm and friendly experiences here at LIVE magazine, so talking about London’s premier youth title was a walk in the park. I began by giving an overview of who I am, what I do and which publications and websites I write for. I then added a little a flavour of what LIVE is about, how it has changed my life and what I’ve learned both professionally and personally. I executed the speech by thanking the Guardian for all their hard work, which received healthy applause - back of the net!


Well, we've finally done it. LIVE and our family of companies have all upped sticks and moved to a huge new office space, just up the road. We used to be on different floors in our old home but now we're all together with LIVE's young contributors rubbing office space with the adult employees of LIVE Futures (the not-for-profit organisation that publishes LIVE) and Livity, the socially responsible youth marketing agency that started the whole thing. It's a big look.

It's been busy even aside from the move. We've just finished the first proofs of the new issue, which is a sexual health special. We're got the first versions off to our partners to check they're happy with everything and we're double checking all the facts and stats we got from the readers survey that forms the heart of the cover story. More details when we've gone to print - as every good journalist knows, exclusives are only exclusive for as long as they're under wraps.

The Radio Peckham crew are going from strength to strength now that the Diesel U Music Radio project has wrapped. You can still access some of the shows here though...

...and watch out for their new monthly shows on Radio Peckham. They'll be broadcasting weekly in August, both on Radio Peckham and on Choice FM so basically, it's a big look X 2.

16 May 2008

LIVE this week

It's been a busy one. Mervin, Mahta, Meg and Diana have had their half-hour shows broadcast on Diesel UMusic Radio (check them out on and they're currently in talks with Radio Peckham about taking their new-found radio skills onto bigger and better things. Their shows covered everything from Reggaeton to indie and Mervin managed to get dubstep superstar Benga on his show - and played a quick-fire Name That Tune round with him.

It's also been a good week for press coverage. 15-year-old LIVE contributor Gus Rodrigues was quoted in TimeOut this week on London's new mayor.

LIVE is also featured in the South London Press today. They say we are a "brilliant Brixton based youth mag" and we are inclined to agree. We're a week or so away from deadline for the summer issue so it's heads down and noses to the grindstone until LIVE 28 goes to bed.

15 April 2008

LIVE do the Rolex Sweep

Set to be hotter than Soulja Boy’s Crank Dat, the Rolex Sweep is the latest craze sweeping through the UK urban music underground.

Swag moves set to Wiley’s single Wearing My Rolex, the LIVE crew recorded their own ‘Sweep and uploaded their efforts to YouTube. It was an immediate hit – featured on urban artist JME’s MySpace, within days it received thousands of views, and just two weeks later it stands at over 12,000 views.


Check it out for yourself if you haven’t already:

14 April 2008

Work with us... on the Spinebreakers project

Over the past two years, Livity and LIVE have been key partners in the development of as the number one online destination for teenage readers and book lovers.

With the continuing growth and success of the site, we are now recruiting for the site’s first ever dedicated web editor. If books are your passion, this is a unique opportunity for a lively, rewarding and varied web editorial position for one of the world’s foremost publishers.

You’ll need to be enthusiastic, passionate, self-motivated and talented, working directly for Livity/ LIVE, managing the teenage editorial team (the Spinebreakers Crew), and liaising with the Penguin editorial and marketing teams.

You will be responsible for managing the general day-to-day content and development of, as well as maintaining and updating common pages and co-ordinating the input from the Spinebreakers Crew. The role is for 3 days a week, based at Livity’s lively offices in south London.

Regular tasks include:

• Updating the site homepage to reflect and highlight the content flagged within it on at least a monthly basis
• Compiling the monthly newsletter
• Uploading new books on to the site for the ‘browse books’ section Commissioning banners and content from the Penguin online team, authors, editors and partners
• Attending and chairing monthly editorial meetings with the Spinebreakers crew and representatives from Penguin
• Coordinating content from the internal top contributors as well as the wider teen audience
• Managing the monthly drive-cycle of activity on the site
• Keeping the site readable, relevant and balanced
• Ensuring that the site remains credible and faithful to the ethos of ‘by the teens and for the teens’
• Uploading podcasts, dealing with mail, reporting bugs

Please send your CV and covering letter to Gavin Weale @ Livity: / Tunstall Studios, 34-44 Tunstall Road, London, SW9 8DA.

10 April 2008

LIVE and the London Sinfonietta

LIVE's very own multi-tasking, musical maestro Dannyelle Mavour, 20, has been selected to take part in a special project with the London Sinfonietta. The project, named Music For 18 Musicians, aims to bring people who don't know about classical music into the world of orchestras and instrumental sounds. "The course is looking to take people form different walks of life and bringing them into a new thing of music. It's about training you to listen to the beat. the beat tells its own story without the vocals. It can talk about pain, love, hate, war. I am excited to be a part of this ground-breaking project." On the 18th April Dannyelle and the other young people on the project will be performing at the Royal Festival Hall, where they'll showcase the new piece they're creating as part of Music For 18 Musicians.

LIVE Editors get interviewed for South London Press

LIVE's key editorial team were interviewed today for the South London Press. "They took a load of pictures of us with the new magazine" says Deputy Editor Mervin Martin, 21. "It's great." Editor Mahta Hassanzadeh, 19 was also in the frame. "They're were interested in the fact we have a bumper issue out and the fact we're promoting politics and encouraging young people to get involved with politics." The new issue is due back from the printers on April 14th... and we're expecting more coverage from the local and national press over the coming weeks.

7 April 2008

LIVE gets on the airwaves...

LIVE Magazine is proud to announce that we're involved with Diesel's U:Music Radio, which is broadcasting in New Cross throughout May. The station will feature a mix of presenter-led shows, documentaries, live sessions broadcast from the celebrated local venue, The Amersham Arms and citizen broadcast shows from talented members of the public. Eight young people from LIVE and Radio Peckham ( will be attending a series of training workshops at Radio Peckham and will be creating a show to be broadcast on the station as part of U:Music's commitment to community engagement and training. Out to our budding broadcasters! And expect blog posts this week from the trainees themselves...
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