LIVE Futures: the movie

16 May 2008

LIVE this week

It's been a busy one. Mervin, Mahta, Meg and Diana have had their half-hour shows broadcast on Diesel UMusic Radio (check them out on and they're currently in talks with Radio Peckham about taking their new-found radio skills onto bigger and better things. Their shows covered everything from Reggaeton to indie and Mervin managed to get dubstep superstar Benga on his show - and played a quick-fire Name That Tune round with him.

It's also been a good week for press coverage. 15-year-old LIVE contributor Gus Rodrigues was quoted in TimeOut this week on London's new mayor.

LIVE is also featured in the South London Press today. They say we are a "brilliant Brixton based youth mag" and we are inclined to agree. We're a week or so away from deadline for the summer issue so it's heads down and noses to the grindstone until LIVE 28 goes to bed.
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