LIVE Futures: the movie

9 June 2008


Well, we've finally done it. LIVE and our family of companies have all upped sticks and moved to a huge new office space, just up the road. We used to be on different floors in our old home but now we're all together with LIVE's young contributors rubbing office space with the adult employees of LIVE Futures (the not-for-profit organisation that publishes LIVE) and Livity, the socially responsible youth marketing agency that started the whole thing. It's a big look.

It's been busy even aside from the move. We've just finished the first proofs of the new issue, which is a sexual health special. We're got the first versions off to our partners to check they're happy with everything and we're double checking all the facts and stats we got from the readers survey that forms the heart of the cover story. More details when we've gone to print - as every good journalist knows, exclusives are only exclusive for as long as they're under wraps.

The Radio Peckham crew are going from strength to strength now that the Diesel U Music Radio project has wrapped. You can still access some of the shows here though...

...and watch out for their new monthly shows on Radio Peckham. They'll be broadcasting weekly in August, both on Radio Peckham and on Choice FM so basically, it's a big look X 2.


Markle said...

Radio Live. Wow. That sounds great. I'm defo gonna tune in.

manray photos said...

whats good breakey crew keep repping live mag

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