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15 September 2008

To Do... O'clock

I knew everyone was busy here but it's easy to forget quite how busy. Here's a little lowdown on just three projects that have been happening in LivityLand. Get clicking!

• Shunburn Campaign
How to reduce incidents of skin cancer amongst 14-25 year olds across the UK? Use a campaign featuring Leona Lewis and exclusive prizes to drive sign-up traffic for 'burn alert' text messages, sent out on the hottest days of the summer.

• Spinebreakers
We worked with Penguin and Puffin books to create and maintain a youth-controlled world of stories, book reviews and all-round creativity. We had over a thousand entries to the recent Paper Cuts competitions - site's on a roll.

• Stormstyle
We might not have been involved with the site build or design, but our writers and designers created bespoke content for the launch of this website from the world's leading model agency.

12 September 2008

V for Vicky

This time it's over to Victoria Agbontaen who's our third Year 11 workie.

Today at LIVE was OK. I had to finish transcribing a 30 minute interview which has taken me about TWO days to transcribe. This showed me that journalism isn't all about meeting and writing people and that there is a hard side to it. It showed me that if I'm really serious about becoming a journalist it's going to take a lot of hard work and effort. Journalism is all about getting out what you put in and even though I'm shook at the thought of it I think I'm ready for the challenge! And finishing that interview!

After I finished transcribing I had to go deliver some of the old issues of LIVE magazine to Effra Road, Brixton, and give them to a women called Sandra that works at a Radio Station called Play Vybz! It was kind of nerve-racking because I couldn't find her office and no one seemed to know where it was either but with my smart-wit and intelligence I worked it out and delivered them safely. Success.

To sum everything up, time really does fly when your having fun. It's my final day of work experience at LIVE magazine today, now I have to go back to school. JUST GREAT. I must admit today wasn't my best day here because all I've done is transcribe but on the other hand its been a really fun jam packed week and I'm sad to see it come to an end, but I will definitely be coming back here again. In six months time I hope to be music editor of LIVE so I'll be the first to here all the exclusive music and interview all me favorite artists. You know how I do. Overall, I hope that LIVE will be my guide to making it big in the world of journalism. This is the first proper piece I've ever written for a magazine but trust me. It won't be the last.

Yinka Gets Smoked Out

Workie Natalie has been blogging all week about her time at LIVE. Fellow workie Yinka took the blogging reins yesterday. Here's her report on creating the photoshoot for the Autumn issue of the magazine. Over to you, Yinks....

Oh my gosh! What a day. Well to be more honest it was more like what an afternoon. I was being featured in October's issue of the photo story for LIVE magazine which is about why you shouldn't smoke. People may think its easy - taking a few pictures, but I am telling you it is damn right hard. First we had to find a shop where we could actually take the photographs, but they diidn't even have a dressing room. So then we went to another store, opposite Brixton market but they wanted to see a bit of proof that we were actually from a magazine. So I had to run all the way back to LIVE grab a few magazines and come back. And could you believe we still couldn't do the photographs there? But then we saw another store called JOY and they said it was cool for us to take some photographs. So we had to wait for Natalie choose the clothes that were gonna be featured in the photo shoot. I'm telling you it took like a hour and a half till we could actually find something for her to wear. I'm am telling you it is time's like these why men always say galdem take long to get dressed. So then we decided to take the rest of the pictures next to JOY at the P3 bus stop. It was so funny because the person playing James kept on talking a load of rubbish to himself when we were taking the photograph. So in the end we took our last photograph next to a chemist on the high street. Overall for me our afternoon was really fun and to finish it off we all took a LIVE crew picture where everyone sat on the bed.

11 September 2008

Day Three of Natalie's Work Experience Blog!

WOW! The third day already, time goes quick when your having fun. Today at LIVE was alright. It was all about the tough side to journalism. I had to transcribe a interview that Emma Warren, my Supervisor (Ed: supervisor?!!!). She was interviewing Jason from Transition who cuts dubs for DJs and producers. That was quite hard because listening to a recording that is fairly quiet and typing it up is a job and a half. This has given me an insight to what journalism is all about because it's not as easy as I thought. After transcribing, I went to help one of the assistants working for Livity which was Hayley Joyes. We were working on the blog entries for a project for BBC3, where young writers from all around the country talk about their lives. That was more like an English lesson but laid back! Soon after, I had to write up the script for the photoshoot going in the next issue of LIVE in October (ain't gonna lie it was fun). It was about smoking but you know we greaz'd it up and made it ghetto, by putting in slang and morals that young people could relate to, I loved that because i am a very imaginative person and making up a story is just my thing. Summing everything up, boi! today was a journey and i learnt from it, but tomorrow might be even more of one...

10 September 2008

Day Two...

Today is my second day at LIVE. I was so excited about what I was going to do today after such an amazing day yesterday. As soon as i got in I saw Chantelle Fiddy (who writes for The London Paper) and she called me over to listen to some new tunes! They were SICK! One of them was Tinie Tempah- Tears (BOY! i love Tinie Tempah) so you know i enjoyed that. I also got the opportunity to listen to a latest song by Papoose ft Busy Signal. That was tough! Later on I had to type up some features from the past issues of LIVE, at the same time listening to some of my music. That wasn't much fun but it was nice chilling out time.
Eventually I had to review some mixtapes from different artists and comment on them, that was really good because some people I haven't even heard of like Tawiah and Goldielocks and they were DAMN GOOD! Overall, the day was on point and perfect there was no difficult times. So you know let's WAIT and SEE what's in store for me tomorrow!

8 September 2008

Workie tells all

It's work experience week for many schools in Lambeth and we've got a handful of Year 11's from borough schools in at LIVE this week. Natalie Akingbaje's going to be blogging all week about the experience. Here's what she had to say about day one. Just don't ask her about what it's like to make 25 cups of tea...

I started work at LIVE today and I was expecting to learn a lot from it. I knew it was all about youths and what is going on among us these days, that is the main reason why I wanted to get involved and do my work experience here. Today at LIVE I was videoed by an organisation called Media Trust who produce award winning film for charities. They were interviewing five of us on behalf of the DCFS (that’s the Department for Children, Families and Schools to you) who do their best to ensure that England is the best place in the world for children and young people. They asked me things like “What did you do this holiday?” and “What would you like the government’s money to go towards?” I told them that I would like more chilling out spots for youths, like youth clubs and forums to keep us off the street and also to keep us entertained throughout the holidays. That was quite exciting because not only was I getting videoed knowing that it will be played to the government but I also got to put across my thoughts. Also I did a bit of typing – I wrote up a piece about talented young people – and I also read the latest issue of LIVE. That gave me a greater insight into the magazine. Working here is exciting and a wonderful experience because it’s unpredictable. You never know what is coming next. Tomorrow’s a new day, and a new blog post, so watch out for what comes next.
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