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12 September 2008

Yinka Gets Smoked Out

Workie Natalie has been blogging all week about her time at LIVE. Fellow workie Yinka took the blogging reins yesterday. Here's her report on creating the photoshoot for the Autumn issue of the magazine. Over to you, Yinks....

Oh my gosh! What a day. Well to be more honest it was more like what an afternoon. I was being featured in October's issue of the photo story for LIVE magazine which is about why you shouldn't smoke. People may think its easy - taking a few pictures, but I am telling you it is damn right hard. First we had to find a shop where we could actually take the photographs, but they diidn't even have a dressing room. So then we went to another store, opposite Brixton market but they wanted to see a bit of proof that we were actually from a magazine. So I had to run all the way back to LIVE grab a few magazines and come back. And could you believe we still couldn't do the photographs there? But then we saw another store called JOY and they said it was cool for us to take some photographs. So we had to wait for Natalie choose the clothes that were gonna be featured in the photo shoot. I'm telling you it took like a hour and a half till we could actually find something for her to wear. I'm am telling you it is time's like these why men always say galdem take long to get dressed. So then we decided to take the rest of the pictures next to JOY at the P3 bus stop. It was so funny because the person playing James kept on talking a load of rubbish to himself when we were taking the photograph. So in the end we took our last photograph next to a chemist on the high street. Overall for me our afternoon was really fun and to finish it off we all took a LIVE crew picture where everyone sat on the bed.


Hayley said...

Nice! Sounds like you have been getting really stuck in!! I love JOY its got some wicked garms, tell me who posed as James again? Was it a random you found on the street?! ha ha!x

Honey Jones said...

nice work girls can't wait to see it in the magazine!

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