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14 April 2008

Work with us... on the Spinebreakers project

Over the past two years, Livity and LIVE have been key partners in the development of as the number one online destination for teenage readers and book lovers.

With the continuing growth and success of the site, we are now recruiting for the site’s first ever dedicated web editor. If books are your passion, this is a unique opportunity for a lively, rewarding and varied web editorial position for one of the world’s foremost publishers.

You’ll need to be enthusiastic, passionate, self-motivated and talented, working directly for Livity/ LIVE, managing the teenage editorial team (the Spinebreakers Crew), and liaising with the Penguin editorial and marketing teams.

You will be responsible for managing the general day-to-day content and development of, as well as maintaining and updating common pages and co-ordinating the input from the Spinebreakers Crew. The role is for 3 days a week, based at Livity’s lively offices in south London.

Regular tasks include:

• Updating the site homepage to reflect and highlight the content flagged within it on at least a monthly basis
• Compiling the monthly newsletter
• Uploading new books on to the site for the ‘browse books’ section Commissioning banners and content from the Penguin online team, authors, editors and partners
• Attending and chairing monthly editorial meetings with the Spinebreakers crew and representatives from Penguin
• Coordinating content from the internal top contributors as well as the wider teen audience
• Managing the monthly drive-cycle of activity on the site
• Keeping the site readable, relevant and balanced
• Ensuring that the site remains credible and faithful to the ethos of ‘by the teens and for the teens’
• Uploading podcasts, dealing with mail, reporting bugs

Please send your CV and covering letter to Gavin Weale @ Livity: / Tunstall Studios, 34-44 Tunstall Road, London, SW9 8DA.

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