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10 April 2008

LIVE and the London Sinfonietta

LIVE's very own multi-tasking, musical maestro Dannyelle Mavour, 20, has been selected to take part in a special project with the London Sinfonietta. The project, named Music For 18 Musicians, aims to bring people who don't know about classical music into the world of orchestras and instrumental sounds. "The course is looking to take people form different walks of life and bringing them into a new thing of music. It's about training you to listen to the beat. the beat tells its own story without the vocals. It can talk about pain, love, hate, war. I am excited to be a part of this ground-breaking project." On the 18th April Dannyelle and the other young people on the project will be performing at the Royal Festival Hall, where they'll showcase the new piece they're creating as part of Music For 18 Musicians.

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