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8 September 2008

Workie tells all

It's work experience week for many schools in Lambeth and we've got a handful of Year 11's from borough schools in at LIVE this week. Natalie Akingbaje's going to be blogging all week about the experience. Here's what she had to say about day one. Just don't ask her about what it's like to make 25 cups of tea...

I started work at LIVE today and I was expecting to learn a lot from it. I knew it was all about youths and what is going on among us these days, that is the main reason why I wanted to get involved and do my work experience here. Today at LIVE I was videoed by an organisation called Media Trust who produce award winning film for charities. They were interviewing five of us on behalf of the DCFS (that’s the Department for Children, Families and Schools to you) who do their best to ensure that England is the best place in the world for children and young people. They asked me things like “What did you do this holiday?” and “What would you like the government’s money to go towards?” I told them that I would like more chilling out spots for youths, like youth clubs and forums to keep us off the street and also to keep us entertained throughout the holidays. That was quite exciting because not only was I getting videoed knowing that it will be played to the government but I also got to put across my thoughts. Also I did a bit of typing – I wrote up a piece about talented young people – and I also read the latest issue of LIVE. That gave me a greater insight into the magazine. Working here is exciting and a wonderful experience because it’s unpredictable. You never know what is coming next. Tomorrow’s a new day, and a new blog post, so watch out for what comes next.

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