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11 September 2008

Day Three of Natalie's Work Experience Blog!

WOW! The third day already, time goes quick when your having fun. Today at LIVE was alright. It was all about the tough side to journalism. I had to transcribe a interview that Emma Warren, my Supervisor (Ed: supervisor?!!!). She was interviewing Jason from Transition who cuts dubs for DJs and producers. That was quite hard because listening to a recording that is fairly quiet and typing it up is a job and a half. This has given me an insight to what journalism is all about because it's not as easy as I thought. After transcribing, I went to help one of the assistants working for Livity which was Hayley Joyes. We were working on the blog entries for a project for BBC3, where young writers from all around the country talk about their lives. That was more like an English lesson but laid back! Soon after, I had to write up the script for the photoshoot going in the next issue of LIVE in October (ain't gonna lie it was fun). It was about smoking but you know we greaz'd it up and made it ghetto, by putting in slang and morals that young people could relate to, I loved that because i am a very imaginative person and making up a story is just my thing. Summing everything up, boi! today was a journey and i learnt from it, but tomorrow might be even more of one...

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