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10 September 2008

Day Two...

Today is my second day at LIVE. I was so excited about what I was going to do today after such an amazing day yesterday. As soon as i got in I saw Chantelle Fiddy (who writes for The London Paper) and she called me over to listen to some new tunes! They were SICK! One of them was Tinie Tempah- Tears (BOY! i love Tinie Tempah) so you know i enjoyed that. I also got the opportunity to listen to a latest song by Papoose ft Busy Signal. That was tough! Later on I had to type up some features from the past issues of LIVE, at the same time listening to some of my music. That wasn't much fun but it was nice chilling out time.
Eventually I had to review some mixtapes from different artists and comment on them, that was really good because some people I haven't even heard of like Tawiah and Goldielocks and they were DAMN GOOD! Overall, the day was on point and perfect there was no difficult times. So you know let's WAIT and SEE what's in store for me tomorrow!

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