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15 December 2008

Jordan works out what skills journalists need

Jordan Campbell is on our LIVE Learning DIY Magazine programme every Monday. He spent today looking at what journalism is. Here's his handy definition – and the top five skills good journalists need, with a few comedy moments inserted, just to keep the reader interested. Over to you Jordan.

What is journalism?
Journalism is the occupation of reporting, writing, editing, photographing, or broadcasting news. Journalism mainly states facts about what is happening now, journalism can be about annything, just as long as it's todays news.

What skills do journalists need?

• Writing skills: the work you do might be read by loads of people, theres no point writing about something that nobody would like to read.

• Organisation: when you are writing a piece you need to gather as much information as possible and you need to meet deadlines, if you were not an organised person you might lose your work and this could result in no food for the next week.

• Opinions: journalists need to have a good attitiude and need to be able to work out what they think about things and they do that by thinking it through.

• Communication skills: being a journalist you do need to interview atleast 2000 people in your career and by doing this you accumulate the skills to get more out of people

• Stealth: getting the inside story means you need to get into places without being seen. You've got to be able to blend in anywhere.

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