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15 September 2008

To Do... O'clock

I knew everyone was busy here but it's easy to forget quite how busy. Here's a little lowdown on just three projects that have been happening in LivityLand. Get clicking!

• Shunburn Campaign
How to reduce incidents of skin cancer amongst 14-25 year olds across the UK? Use a campaign featuring Leona Lewis and exclusive prizes to drive sign-up traffic for 'burn alert' text messages, sent out on the hottest days of the summer.

• Spinebreakers
We worked with Penguin and Puffin books to create and maintain a youth-controlled world of stories, book reviews and all-round creativity. We had over a thousand entries to the recent Paper Cuts competitions - site's on a roll.

• Stormstyle
We might not have been involved with the site build or design, but our writers and designers created bespoke content for the launch of this website from the world's leading model agency.

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