LIVE Futures: the movie

1 June 2007

What we do

Where to start?

Firstly, LIVE Futures publishes London’s biggest and most widely-read youth run publication, LIVE Magazine, created and run by young people under expert professional mentorship.

We’ve also run what is possibly the world’s first youth-run record label, LIVE Recordings, and begun a hands-off film-making project whose first short was screened at the NFT to critical acclaim.

One thing that separates us form most other youth projects is the fact that we share our office with sister company Livity, a socially-responsible youth marketing agency. That means media professionals working under the same roof as young people, and an incredible working atmosphere.

LIVE Futures aims to be a sustainable social enterprise, providing its own funding by generating revenue. We are a not for profit company funded by public money and our own money-making schemes, including youth-led research or contract publishing.

The links on this site will give you in-depth detail about all the things we do, and what we could do for you.

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