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7 June 2007

Meet us!

If you are interested in working with LIVE, we’d be happy to show you around our Brixton office and tell you a bit more about what goes on here. These are some of the faces you might see if you visit.

Jordan Jarrett-Bryan, 23
LIVE’s first real editor is too old for the magazine now. But when Jordan hit 21 he landed a job as the editor of ATM magazine, a national on-shelf dance music publication. Now at the ripe old age of 23, he rents a desk from us as a freelance journalist and club promoter extraordinaire, always on hand to give a bit of advice to the new generation in the LIVE ranks.

Callum McGeoch (age undisclosed)
One of LIVE’s first ever professional mentors, Callum left his job as Editor of Dazed and Confused magazine to come and work at LIVE and sister company Livity. His experience and industry insight helps LIVE’s management and young people make the best decisions both commercially and editorially, and provides a top-flight in-house mentor for the magazine’s editors.

Daniel Dutt-Hemp, 19
He’s not had the easiest of times for the last few years, but Dan is working hard to try and get himself back on track after falling in and out of trouble. His first major feature for LIVE – about the problems young people with dyslexia face – was a major achievement, especially considering Dan had to overcome his own difficulties with literacy to write it.

Emma Warren (age undisclosed)
Emma can often be seen rushing about between running workshops and editorial meetings, as well as spending lots of time working one-on-one with young people who are trying to find their next opportunity. None of this might be possible if Emma wasn’t an experienced freelance music journalist, who cut her teeth at The Face before going on to write for Muzik, The Observer and tons of other newspapers and magazines. Always having an interest in helping young people fulfill their potential, Emma recently joined LIVE as a senior mentor and education officer, with a focus on reaching some of the more at-risk young people out there.

Gareth McDill, 15
Never quite sure if the magazine was his thing, Gareth eventually found inspiration at a series of film workshops where he and a group of other young people came up with TPC: Tissue Paper Crew. Shot over a few weekends with budget only for a few rolls of toilet paper, TPC is a sharp satire on gun crime and gang culture in south London, straight from the hearts of young people whose peers are caught up in it. The film was screened at the NFT, celebrated by Timeout’s film editor, and Gareth is now involved in the production of a new film. Watch TPC here

Chantelle Fiddy (age unknown)
On the front line of working with the magazine’s team of young people, Chantelle gets the team’s energy and ideas flowing. When she’s not at LIVE, she regularly gets less than enough sleep in her hectic schedule as a freelance writer (with a weekly London Paper column), record label exec (for top independent 679 Records) and infamous blogger.

Mahta Hassansedah, 18
One of the quickest we’ve ever seen rise through the ranks, at only 18 Mahta became LIVE’s editor within months of first joining. She’s serious about becoming a journalist, and we reckon she’s got the writing skills and the drive to make it. Due to leave LIVE for university before long, we only wish we’d met her earlier.

Emma Ellwood-Russell (age unmentionable)
“Emma 2” joined barely a month after her namesake, having first met LIVE when she was production manager for the Dazed group, managing hundreds of pages and dozens of egos every month. She quit her job as brand manager at the integrated Marketing firm exposure to join LIVE, and brings a truck-load of expertise in production and contract publishing to the magazine, as well as some interesting anecdotes about meditation retreats in India.

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