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8 June 2007

Company Values

LIVE Futures directly addresses some of the most fundamental needs and challenges facing young people and adults from deprived communities in south London. The company was formed as a social enterprise to fulfill social objectives in response to the needs of young people, originally identified on behalf of the local authorities.

Training and job opportunities:
LIVE Futures is mainly aimed at those in most need: people for who mainstream education has often failed to engage, who are under-skilled and low in confidence; who mainstream services have often failed to pick up. The whole community needs this group to be addressed in order to ignite the regeneration of the whole area and provide a positive and economically sustainable future.

Inspiration, empowerment & respect in the community:
Our methodology of ‘engage, inspire and own’ has been developed through working with hundreds of young people on our project.

Facilities and activities in the community:
Endorsing constructive and positive places to go and things to do for young people and young adults. The projects within LIVE Futures can serve as one of the most credible ways of promoting local services and organisations, as the information is communicated via the young people themselves, and therefore results in increased referrals and uptake of these services.

Reducing crime and making south London a safer place to live:
Through five years' work with the target groups we offer projects that can engage ex-offenders and those ‘at risk’ of offending, diverting their energies and attention into positive activities that motivate, empower, and set them on the right track towards working and re-engaging with society.

Businesses supporting the community:
As a group of businesses with a financial bottom-line, we nevertheless believe that we have a responsibility to have a positive impact on the area where we are based (and beyond). Aside from that, working with young people every day enriches our lives and businesses.

Portraying young people positively:
Both locally and nationally, it’s necessary to understand younger people, celebrate their achievements and show their positive contributions to society. LIVE Futures promotes a more cohesive society, reduces fear (especially of crime) and clears the pathways for young people to progress more easily.

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