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3 June 2007

LIVE works for you!

With our young people, we have developed some key services and offerings for public and private sector clients. It’s a process where everybody wins. It provides payment and experience for the young people involved, revenue generated back into the social enterprise, and a creative, credible solution for our client.

Not to mention that warm tingly feeling of knowing your money is being invested into a social enterprise aimed at developing the skills and confidence of some of the UK’s most deprived young people.

Not that we need a sympathy vote. Our young people will come up with ideas that will blow you away, and the professional mentors working with them will make sure the product is delivered on time and to budget.

Here’s what we can do:

Contract publishing: the sharpest youth writing, fresh and bright design, with professional production and project management. LIVE’s team of professional journalists and designers work with young people to co-create the work.

Research and insight: opinion, trend-watching, focus groups, ethnographic evaluation. If you need the view from young people, get in touch.

Consultancy: if you’d like the people who started LIVE to help you engage young people, create brilliant communications aimed at young people or just to tell some bad jokes, LIVE’s directors are happy to discuss consultancy work.

For more information, download our media pack, or contact Emma Ellwood on 020 7326 5979

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