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4 June 2007

LIVE Magazine

LIVE Magazine is produced for young people, by young people. An ever-changing team of voluntary teenagers and young adults write every word, design every page, take every photo, come up with every idea and are mentored in doing so by volunteer media professionals in an accredited, structured method of work based learning.

First and foremost, LIVE is for communicating with young people. Tons of paper is wasted every year trying to reach teenagers with messages about sex, drugs and crime. By giving control of the means of communication to the audience we are communicating to, LIVE goes under the radar. This is the real voice of young people, showing the world they see and talking about the things they are dealing with. Sometimes raw, sometimes close to the bone, but always positive.

Secondly, LIVE Magazine exists to improve the chances and lives of young people; to broaden their horizons; raise their sights; increase their self esteem, self belief and worth; to connect them to one another and the world; and ultimately to present them to and prepare them for and world of opportunities in education and employment they might not have otherwise seen.

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