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8 June 2007

Work we've done

LIVE Magazine
South London’s voice of young people, and LIVE Futures’ ongoing flagship project. See a short(ish) history of LIVE . If you want a copy of LIVE, click hereto contact us.

LIVE Recordings
The UK’s first youth-run record label project, on behalf of Lewisham Council, gave ownership of a record label and its budget to a group of ‘at-risk’ young people from an estate in Deptford, and encouraged them to learn disciplines around marketing, PR, communication, distribution and finance. Supported by volunteers from the music industry, and running for two years, the project saw three releases, and managed to secure Basement Jaxx and Mark Ronson as remixers.

Penguin Books
In partnership with Livity, LIVE’s project team have developed a programme to recruit a team of teen writers to create the content for, a ground-breaking teenage reading web site. As well as recruiting and running the workshops, the both the LIVE project team and the young people have consulted on the development of the site, its name, look and feel, and will continue to manage the content flow on an ongoing basis after launch.

Made In Brixton
To promote Brixton’s creative industries across London, this contract publishing piece for Lambeth’s Department of Culture saw young people being mentored to research, write and design the first south London based creative directory for Made in Brixton, the umbrella organisation for Brixton’s creative businesses.

Taking the Peace
Several members of LIVE’s editorial team were commissioned by local funders to put together this supplement in response the July 7th bombings in 2005. Aimed at cultural understanding and promoting tolerance, the pocket-sized piece was distributed with LIVE magazine to young people across south London.

Putting Young People at the Heart of the Arts
In partnership with Waterloo-based youth group SE1 United, LIVE were commissioned to do a major piece of youth-led research on behalf of the major Southbank arts organisations. The aim of the research was to evaluate young people’s perception of the arts in south London, and to comprehensively map local provision. LIVE’s young people were employed to conduct questionnaire’s and surveys, as well as designing the map and producing a short film about the project.

LIVE ran a series of workshops to enable a group of young people to create their own newsletter promoting Lambeth Council’s service in care.
Four issues were created over two years, all written, designed and produced by young people who had never tried journalism before.

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