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9 June 2007

Get involved

If you think you could add to LIVE’s pool of voluntary professional mentors or supporters, we’d love to hear from you. Here are just a few ways you could help:

LIVE welcomes professionals who can spare some time to help our writers, designers, illustrators, as well as budding entrepreneurs or film-makers. Mentoring can happen on a one-on-one basis over a period of time, or can be tied to one particular issue we’re working on. If you’re interested, give us a call to discuss what the opportunities are.

Talk Tuesday
Every Tuesday afternoon LIVE welcomes a different speaker from a variety of industries and interests to visit the office and give a talk about how they made it in what they do. If you think you could hold court for an hour to a room full of teenagers, and inspire or open their minds in some way (even if your speciality is outside of journalism or the media) get in touch.

Work experience/internships
We are constantly on the look-out for opportunities for our young people to gain experience or progress. If you need bright, enthusiastic and determined young people for your organisation, we have CVs we can send you straight away.

E-mail us to find out more

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