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7 February 2009

Mahmooda reflects on her week@LIVE HQ

Awesome. Wicked. Fun. Great. What else can I say? I could go on forever describing my time at LIVE. My one-week work experience flew past so quickly. I am interested in journalism and got offered the chance to work with the LIVE team. Before I started doing work experience at live I was really nervous and didn't think I could cope, I thought 'as I am going into work I am not going to have fun anymore!' I thought I will have to do so much work in so little time. However, let me tell you one thing, if I didn't take this opportunity I would regret it big time! I never thought being a journalist would be this fun. Did you know that do be a journalist you don't have to do a written report all the time? You can make videos, take photographs, do music reviews etc. The best thing about LIVE is that it is a magazine written by youths for youths, finally our views are heard.

Before my experience at LIVE I read newspapers and wasn't really bothered about international news. I thought since my view isn't heard there's no point being bothered with it, however, my experience at LIVE changed all this. I learnt more about international news and that there is an opinions section at LIVE where our views about the world are heard.

What did I learn at LIVE? I learnt many skills, which are needed by a journalist. Let me tell you one tip, which is needed when writing an opinion piece. Every time you write an opinion piece the best thing is to read it out loud imagining as if you would telling someone. My experience at LIVE has got me more interested in journalism especially the opinion section. I'm also now interested in interviewing, photography and videoing . If you get a chance,like me, I would recommend you take it!


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