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12 January 2009

LIVE's Yinka gets her artwork all up on SOWF's website

16 year old Yinka Adenuga came down to the offices today to tell us that examples of her customised artwork had been published on SOWF's website. She entered her work as part of their Street Genius competition. Congratulations to you Yinka!

Here's what went up on the website

My name is yinka aka bre and i basically have a talent for drawing. Basically my customizing all started back in the 1st week of september when i worked for a shop called 'funcky house' in crtoydon for work experience. Wen i left they basically offered me a job to cusomize hats for their store.

They gave me the material paints that i needed to start off but then i thought why not take that opportunity and experiment. So before you know i did a t-shirt, showed it 2 my friends at scl and ppl just started commin up 2 me anskin if i would customize somthin 4 them.

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