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13 February 2009

more workie music reviews!

This time from LIVE's current work-experience-person-in-residence, Edward Akposheri, 15.

DJ Nonames: Strictly Grizzness

‘Strictly Grizzness’ is a mixtape featuring various Grime artists: Wiley, Skepta, Ghetto, Kyza and more. These grime artists are collaborating with beat producers such a Benga, Skream, Terror Danjah and Bless Beats. The music is bound get your head moving side to side.

Whoever lives in London and listens to hip hop and doesn't know about the up and coming grime scene, couldn't be possibly be playing attention to any type of media. Grime has taken aspects from other genres such as dancehall, house, garage and hip hop.

The mixtape is jam packed with plenty of drum and bass, which I don't really like, but I is easily overlooked because f the lyricists in the tracks. I think the beats are good but shouldn't be played as a whole track but maybe as an interval. The transitions from track to track are good because when one listens to loud lively music nobody wants to hear silence for two seconds after each track.

In conclusion, the mixtape is a great mixtape to buy. I myself will be purchasing it when it is released. I hope you will buy the mixtape too, to help support the grime scene and simply because you’ll like it!

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