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21 September 2007

LIVE at the MOBOs

LIVE infiltrated this year's MOBO awards, with around 20 of our contributors in the audience for the ceremony. As our correspondent Dannyelle reports:

"this was an amazing feeling for me as this was my first time I have ever been to such an event. And being in the presence of so many talented people from different parts of the entertainment industry, the likes of Ne-yo, Robin Thicke, Former Heavyweight champion of the world Frank Bruno, and Quentin Tarentino. For me one of the best bits of the MOBOs was when Kano & Craig David came and tore the stage up with their collaboration "This Is The Girl I Want," and when one half of the host of the awards (Jamelia) came out in some skin tight shorts Grrrrrrr!"

This year's MOBO magazine also featured some of LIVE's top writers, including Limara Salt, Bertan Budak, Hyper-Frank, Carlene Thomas-Bailey and Mahta Hassanzedah, who chipped in with features and interviews for the one-off publication.

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