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11 September 2007


The new issue of LIVE Magazine has arrived! And it's the best yet.
Thanks to our new superstar production manager, Emma Ellwood, for the first time ever, LIVE has gone "perfect bound", which means it has a proper spine instead of staples - PROFESSIONAL!
Even more importantly it's the first issue under the control of new editor, Mahta Hassanhzadeh, 18, and deputy editor Mervin Martin, 21.
They've done an amazing job, cramming the issue full of interesting, inspiring and entertaining articles on subjects as diverse as rock climbing, lung cancer, computer game addiction, fashion jobs, dating and gardening!
There is a special section of amazing illustrations by talented young artists, a pull-out poster photostory about binge drinking and all the usual columns, reviews and news.
Big respect to Art Director Corinne too for designing nearly the whole issue without a design mentor to help out in double quick time.
To get your free copy come by and pick one up or contact us.
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