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24 July 2007

Gordy bigs up LIVE

Gordon Brown has included LIVE Futures Directors Sam and Michelle in a new book he has written called "Britain's Everyday Heroes".

Launched today, the book tells the story of 33 ordinary people from the UK whose willing commitment to a cause or a community has informed or inspired the new Prime Minister.

In the book, Gordon writes:

"They are doing something unique: applying one of the most modern
techniques, youth marketing, to one of the most enduring challenges,
helping young people fulfill their potential.

What is most striking about Sam and Michelle is the ease with which they combine business acumen and drive with care and empathy for each of the young people whose lives they touch.

They have created a dynamic business and a safe and welcoming place
that engages young people on their terms and gives them opportunities
to develop their talents and ambitions.

Sam and Michelle have very big ambitions for how their model could
spread, and hearing them explain not only the values but the logic
that underpins their work, one can't but help feel they may just have
what it takes to realise their dreams."

Buy Britain's Everyday Heroes here

All royalties from the book will go to Community Links

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