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25 March 2009

Cherise reflects on her two weeks @ LIVE!

Where do I start? Well I'll start by saying LIVE was GREAT, FUN and FRIENDLY.
I wasn't really looking forward to work experience because I thought I would have to work and do nothing but work all day , I preferred to be at school in a environment I was known and familiar with. But by the end of my work experience all that changed. Normally at school teachers will be annoying and i might have a got at them, but at LIVE I was sort of free. The first week of work experience went quickly but by the second week I became tired. I started going to bed at around 8:00 and on a normal school day I would go to bed about 11:00.

My journey to Piano house was nerve raking, I had butterflies in my stomach. Every step I took up the stairs, the closer I got to the LIVE office the more I wanted to turn around and go back home. But LIVE where really welcoming and within seconds I stopped worrying. I'm interested in illustrating/design and coming to LIVE gave me a chance to do what I enjoyed. LIVE is a magazine by young people for young people which i think is a great way of getting young people out of trouble..

I really enjoyed writing articles even though i had to do them over like eight times. I realised writing articles is not as easy as it seems. I also enjoyed designing my page and front covers for the LIVE magazine, which also proved to be difficult. I think being at LIVE has shown me I'm a lot smarter than I thought. I have achieved a lot of things such as writing my first article, having the confidence to communicate with people, I've used my english skills to the best of my ability.

At LIVE there was nothing that I really didn't enjoy and wouldn't do in the future. Now I have been at LIVE I would consider being a journalist, designer, illustrator or anything else involved. The people at LIVE where extremely friendly. My new role in LIVE is maybe to do something with sports and maybe do some designing.

17 March 2009

LIVE's Cherise Hewitt on being a young athlete - and Dwain Chambers

Dwain Chambers - Hero?

Dwain Anthony Chambers is a English sprinter of Afro-Caribbean descent. Born in Islington, North London, he grew up in a single parent family. His mum worked long hours and athletics was his way of escaping from family life.
30 year old Chambers was charged in October 2003 for taking illegal performance enhancing substances. Resulting in him having a two year ban and a life-time Olympic ban. Despite that he's back with a win. Chambers recently won gold in the 60 metres European indoor championship which took place in Italy.

As a young athlete, I train four times a week and do additional training at home. Which will hopefully get me to the 2012 Olympics. I run for Blackheath and Bromley Harriers AC and i'm hoping to win my upcoming events. I currently run 100 and 200m. My coach wants me to start running 400m but I don't think that's going to happen any time soon. Its a long distance! I just want my races over and done with. I decided to write about Dwain Chambers because he makes me wonder as a young athlete if every athlete goes through a stage when they want to use drugs. Will it affect me?

Chambers has won a number of medals and events. He won junior world record of 10.06s in 100m, bronze medalist in 1999 world championships and made his first Olympic appearance at Sydney 2000. Chambers claimed there was no scientific evidence to show the drug was related to banned substances so it shouldn't have been a doping offence. He has used a over 300 different types of banned drugs a couple of them being THG (Tetrahydrogestrinone), EPO (Erythropoietin) and HGH (human growth hormone). Confused? So am I! In the future when I'm an Olympic athlete I will have to be very careful with what I take, I wont know what's legal or not.

We need Chambers, head coach of the British team admitted that without him Britain may loose medals. To me a couple years banned is all it took to get through to Chambers and other athletes, a life-time banned was extremely over the top. In Russia seven women where banned for only two years for a doping offence. Despite every thing I still see him as an icon of hope. He recently won gold in the 60 metres European indoor championship. We can all see Chambers hasn't let this drama get the better of him. Chambers is an icon of hope and is what Britain needs to win. Cherise Hewitt

23 February 2009

We need YOU!

Hi, it’s been a busy frantic week at Live Magazine with new issue about to come out, in all its ethical beauty. What's that I hear you say? Ethical and Live? The two don’t seem to go together. Well guess what, they do! Hopefully long time readers and new readers will fall in love with our new found eco-friendly approach. Charity shops, recycling you name it, we have covered it. We have once again delivered a magazine which is up to it’s usual standards. Along with the release of the new issue we are also working hard on the Live Magazine website which will launch sometime mid-march. We imagine the website will be great news for you readers who just can’t seem to get enough of us. The website will be updated on a daily basis and aims to be a continuous feed for readers who just aren’t satisfied with just the magazine. And guess what? We are looking for new recruits to join our fantastic team to help us work on the website and also the latest issue so if you're passionate, creative, bright and most importantly committed you're more than welcome to pop down and use your talent to good effect. Be it opinionated writing or artistic design, our team at LIVE are sure to open up our arms for you.

Albert Kevin Harvey

13 February 2009

Natalie captures the castle....

So, it's with sadness that we waved goodbye to Natalie Proctor after her stellar week on the LIVE editorial team. But before she left, we persuaded her to part company with the ace book review she wrote today. Here it is...

I Capture the Castle – Book Review

The book ‘I Capture the Castle’ has been said to portray ‘one of the most charismatic narrators’ to grace fiction by JK Rowling. And I must agree. The writing of this charming book is conveyed with such effortless conviction that it’s a joy to read.

The tale of young Cassandra, stuck between the difficult transition of childhood and adulthood, and trying to come to terms with her distant and unstable father. At the same time she is also struggling to live in near poverty amongst the crumbling remains of her beloved castle.

The plot soon thickens with the arrival of an equally eccentric family, the Cottons. And it is not long before Cassandra finds herself falling for the eldest - Simon. However it is Cassandra’s sister Rose who captures his love, leaving Cassandra’s hope for happiness short lived.

After finishing the book ‘I Capture the Castle’ the reader could find themselves left somewhat wanting. The ending to a spiral of romance and confusion was underwhelming as we find nothing resolved, with the heroine left alone and lacking contentment.

Although this ending was perhaps the only feasible finish that could have occurred, I don’t believe that a person could say they read books for a ‘reality check’. We read stories to capture our fantasies, creating a place where someone could be indefinitely happy and where the impossible can become possible. So we naturally expect a lovely and completely ridiculous end where all were miraculously happy and well!

Although we witness Cassandra’s family slowly begin to rebuild itself nearing the end of the book, you still feel that Cassandra is unsatisfied and sad. The story offers countless opportunities for the heroine to be happy, and frustratingly for the reader; none of these chances are accepted. For instance; Stephen confesses his love for Cassandra and proposes – Cassandra says no and refuses him. Then finally when Simon is ready to leave for the return to America he asks Cassandra to come with him – but yet again Cassandra says no, denying her own gratification.

Despite the exasperating ending, the book is redeemed by deeply thought out and detailed writing making it a pleasure to read. The novel portrays Cassandra effortlessly, and you find yourself becoming attached to her emotions and thoughts. You visualise and care for the characters as if they were real, and picture the stunning setting of the ruins of the castle with such definition that you feel totally immersed in Cassandra’s world.

Maybe it’s childish to wish for all the stories I read to end with contention, but what are stories for but for us to enjoy? I did not find the enjoyment in this book as it ends so abruptly and disappointingly. It does however allow you to love it by its fantastically well-written content and natural charm, leaving you to understand why it was complimented so highly by authors like JK Rowling.

A fine read for those who are not prone to predictable romances.

more workie music reviews!

This time from LIVE's current work-experience-person-in-residence, Edward Akposheri, 15.

DJ Nonames: Strictly Grizzness

‘Strictly Grizzness’ is a mixtape featuring various Grime artists: Wiley, Skepta, Ghetto, Kyza and more. These grime artists are collaborating with beat producers such a Benga, Skream, Terror Danjah and Bless Beats. The music is bound get your head moving side to side.

Whoever lives in London and listens to hip hop and doesn't know about the up and coming grime scene, couldn't be possibly be playing attention to any type of media. Grime has taken aspects from other genres such as dancehall, house, garage and hip hop.

The mixtape is jam packed with plenty of drum and bass, which I don't really like, but I is easily overlooked because f the lyricists in the tracks. I think the beats are good but shouldn't be played as a whole track but maybe as an interval. The transitions from track to track are good because when one listens to loud lively music nobody wants to hear silence for two seconds after each track.

In conclusion, the mixtape is a great mixtape to buy. I myself will be purchasing it when it is released. I hope you will buy the mixtape too, to help support the grime scene and simply because you’ll like it!
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